The future of preventive eye care.
Retinal imaging with analysis 
to prevent blindness caused by diabetes.

Diabetes can cause permanent damage to your sight which could ultimately lead to blindness. Thankfully, with regular checkups at our screening centres, we could diagnose and treat the effects of this silent disease before it's too late.

Get screened for these 

sight threatening eye conditions:

• Diabetic Retinopathy

• Macular Degeneration

• Glaucoma


80% of all blindness can be avoided if treated early.

3 Steps.

Fight diabetic retinopathy & blindness with early treatment.


How it works

Your steps in preventing blindness.

Select your closest Oxia DM screening centre and arrange a booking for a diabetic screening photograph. These appointments are at affordable medical aid rates.

At no additional cost, at the same screening test point, you can also be checked for other common diseases that are leading causes of blindness, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and tumours of the eye.

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Visit your Screening Centre.


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Get your Retina Photographed with our high-res Fundus Camera.


At the Oxia DM screening centre a camera technician will take photographs of your eyes using the fundus camera. The photographs are securely uploaded to Oxia DM’s cloud-based software (input) where the images are stored. Once they are stored, they will be ready for analysis.

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Receive a Pre-Diagnosis Report within seconds.

While you wait, our computer assisted algorithms will review the fundus images taken of your eyes. In this review, your image will be screened for diabetic retinopathy without the need for eye specialist visits or eye dilation. 

Should the system be alerted (output) to any diabetic conditions, then you will be referred to an ophthalmologist for further screening, diagnosis and treatment.

​Within seconds a remotely located ophthalmologist will also review the photographs taken for more intensive scrutiny.

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More on fundus camera screening.

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Fundus Photography

Fundus photography captures considerably larger areas of the fundus and has the advantage of photo documentation for future reference, as well as availing the image to be examined by a specialist at another location or time. In this way, your progression can be monitored. Our screening centres utilise a Fundus Camera; a super specialised camera equipped with high-resolution flash-photography. This allows for one of the only ways to observe arteries and veins in the body without being invasive. This is part of the screening process for diabetic retinopathy and is the most efficient way of managing eyesight problems for people with diabetes.

​The photograph here is an example of an image take from a Fundus Camera. Once the photograph is taken at our clinic, our software is used on the photograph to determine whether the patient should be referred to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) for diabetic retinopathy treatment. The photographs are also stored on the Oxia DM software to allow a specialist to monitor changes and keep a history.




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Did you know?

Diabetic retinopathy or diabetic eye disease, is a medical condition whereby damage occurs to the retina due to diabetes mellitus. It is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries. Because diabetic retinopathy is a condition with potentially harmful effects to your eyesight, it needs to be managed with regular check-ups.

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Why we need to address the diabetic retinopathy epidemic.

Why we need to address the diabetic retinopathy epidemic

People with diabetes are recommended to have an annual eye exam, but unfortunately many health systems only report a 50% compliance rate from these vulnerable patients. This means that 50% of persons diagnosed with diabetes do either not have access to a specialist to screen their eyes for diabetic diseases or cannot afford to see an eye specialist due to the costs involved.

Oxia DM is a seamless solution to this problem because of our diabetes screening centres.

Due to modern technological advances in software and fundus cameras, patients with diabetes can now test and book for diabetic retinopathy at Oxia DM selected primary care facilities such as GPs or optometrists, which removes barriers to access that could prevent you from completing important eye disease exams at affordable medical aid rates. Feel free to book via this website or directly with the closest screening centre.


Shifting the setting of diabetic retinopathy screening from only eye specialists to primary care facilities could potentially prevent blindness caused by diabetes!

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Did you know?​

Type 1 diabetics often need regular checkups. However, non-insulin dependent patients sometimes do not even know that they are diabetic, especially in pre-diabetic states. This can mean that their eyesight is worsening unknowingly. For this reason, both diabetics and non-diabetics could benefit from our Oxia DM screening centres.

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Is software assisted screening the answer to this diabetes epidemic?

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Is software assisted screening the answer to this epidemic?

Fundoscopic images are the main tools for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. Manually analysing those images can be time-consuming and unreliable, as the ability of detecting abnormalities varies by years of experience.

But, with our tried and tested Oxia DM software, a diagnosis in terms of whether or not a patient should be seen by an ophthalmologist is made within seconds. The software extracts information about the blood vessels and any abnormal patterns and analyses them, thus determining whether or not a patient is referable to a specialist.

Did you know?

There are only around 200 000 ophthalmologists worldwide, and with software assisted retinal screening for eye-threatening diseases now becoming more accessible to the world’s diabetes population, computer assisted screening could be the answer to prevent blindness caused by diabetic conditions.


Diabetic retinopathy